Back on my own

The last time I wrote on my own site was in September 2009. Back then, I wrote about things worth doing (in Romanian), after which I have stopped writing. Maybe I thought it wasn’t worth doing anymore?

Since then, I opted to write occasionally on other platforms, such as Medium and Linkedin. On Medium, I wrote about entrepreneurial thinking, Timisoara, failing, a few articles about [e-spres-oh]’s first four years, flat way, work for equity program, and technology focus shift. I even wrote about a somewhat awkward date I once had. On Linkedin, I published only a couple of articles about Timisoara’s top IT companies and tech meetups, not counting the posts originally published elsewhere. And of course, I am not mentioning the big three of social networking, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where I was quite busy.

With so many platforms and channels, it gradually feels like I am not creating any real value for myself and others. It’s easy to have my voice fractured across so many carrying waves. Whatever nuance or personality it initially had, I have systematically censored it to fit the platform or channel.

Thus, getting back to a single place for writing, makes the most sense. And since I have a lot more free time lately, I have challenged myself to post on a semi-regular basis.

So now that I covered the why a blog, I should cover the why write. There are a few reasons why I decided that investing time in a personal blog about my professional life is a good idea. On top of that list, I’d say it’s the opportunity to give back to the community I belong to in my own limited way. And if some of my experiences from the past 15 years or so can help even one person avoid the mistakes I made, then I will consider this a great use of my time.

But I don’t intend to write only about the glory days of the past. My current challenges offer plenty of inspiration: my new role at [e-spres-oh], challenges of building a completely different type of business with Homefresh; on the personal side: what it’s like being vegan, getting in shape after 35, and easy subjects like my life choices, battling addiction and understanding depression – you know, all the good stuff.

So, welcome to my brand new, old website

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