I reached out to five companies from Timisoara with five questions, meant to create a sort of mini-profile of each. This being the first article of this kind that I’m publishing, any feedback is appreciated.

There is this one episode of TNG, Genesis, in which the entire crew of the Enterprise de-evolves into their evolutionary ancestors. Wolf reverts into this aggressive Klingon beast, Riker into a caveman, Troi into an anphibian. Picard starts transforming back into a fearful primordial creature, similar to a lemur or marmoset. Shocking! How can Picard, […]

The last time I wrote on my own site was in September 2009. Back then, I wrote about things worth doing (in Romanian), after which I have stopped writing. Maybe I thought it wasn’t worth doing anymore? Since then, I opted to write occasionally on other platforms, such as Medium and Linkedin. On Medium, I […]