Tony Hsiesh, the CEO of Zappos, has once famously said: Zappos is a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes. How is this not the general rule for any company, in any industry? How is this not the bare minimum requirement to strive, or to even survive, as an organization? Well, unfortunately, this […]

I start my day with an hour of walking Ezra, my husky puppy. It’s a great way to start each day, it gives me some very precious quiet time or the break I need to listen to some podcast episodes. Sometimes, we run into people. They’re all very excited to see Ezra, since he’s a […]

I knew there was a name for it, I thought, when I heard Yaro Starak mention it on The CEO Library podcastThe CEO Library podcast (by the way, there are plenty of other great episodes and articles, check them out). Yarak did a great job explaining how this plays out in most cases, for most entrepreneurs. […]

Lately, I find myself thinking about Ryan Holiday’s book, Ego is the Enemy, a lot. I forgot what starting from nothing feels like. And not because it’s been so long ago that I went through this phase, but because we, I, tend to suppress those unpleasant memories and focus on the good times. I forgot how […]

About a year after my spectacular Xsight Media experience, I decided it was time to get back in the entrepreneurial ring. With some serious lessons learned, I was quite certain I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. I made a bunch of new ones. Calin, my then CTO, came to me one day with a […]

Last year, I was invited to speak at the inaugural edition of Fuckup Nights Timisoara. I immediately accepted, since I already knew about this concept. Plus, it always felt more genuine to me to talk about my failures, fuckups, than my successes. Not because I tend to focus on these more, as we all do […]

A while back I wanted to dig deeper into a specific topic. I did what all of us do: I started reading some articles on the subject, watched a few presentations on YouTube, listened to some podcasts, and researched the books I should read. While I did get an overall picture of the topic, I […]